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Sunday Sets is one of the few Sydney events that gives a chance for up & coming DJ’s to play more deep/tech/progressive house music to a relaxed crowd… and for the budding DJ to get comfortable with club grade gear & a club environment.

Though it is NOT a paid gig, it does however provide experience to add to your DJ “CV” and an opportunity to play less mainstream house music to a musically educated and appreciative crowd. This also leads to socialising with other like minded people on topics such as running events, promoting, production and remixing.

2 x CDJ 2000’s and a DJM800 mixer are set up each week. If your booked in then all you need to do is tell your friends about your gig then rock up and play! Bring CD’s/USB Stick/Laptop and your headphones to plug into our mixer.

DJ’s will have a 1 hour set and are required to promote their particular Sunday to friends and fans via a facebook event which we will post up.

If you’re interested please email your soundcloud/youtube to:
Include a brief description of where you’re up to with the whole DJ thing!

We also take enquiries from groups or musicians interested in performing for one of our specials – please provide details of your act and any relative links as required.

PLEASE NOTE – we are not booking any new DJs in from the 29th of Jan to 4th of March due to the DJ Competition. We will begin reviewing enquires for bookings however after the 1stĀ of March.

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