The Artist’s Choice

Well the sky opened up on Sunday and so did the talent! Another fantastic showcase of what local DJs in Sydney have to offer! We couldn’t have been more excited to see what each of the contestants were going to do next! There was original music, unique remixes, fresh tracks, tonnes of external equipment and some very technically complex mixing! This was the artist’s choice of heats… and a very tough one to judge… yet again!

But alas only one can move onto the semi-final so congratulations goes to ‘Bex Meli’ for winning HEAT FOUR!

The last round, HEAT FIVE is sure to be a sizzler! Who will be the 5th contestant to go to the semi-final?!… and who might be the 6th ‘wild card’ entry from all the heats to also make it into the semi-final!????

Well get down to Name This Bar and support your favourite this Sunday while they mix it up and battle it out on that crazy Lightsounds system for the final spot!

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