Support One of OUR own!

If you spend as much time as we do on ‘Beatport’ sourcing new music, you might have noticed their new remix competition section. Well one of our own (Ed Rollo) has entered to remix Nick Curly’s ‘Underground’ from his new album ‘Between the Lines’.

Show your support of Ed by having a listen and registering your vote for his remix. All you need to do is click the link, login to beatport with your account (create one if you don’t have one!), and hit ‘VOTE’.

Lets see if we can band together and get one of our own noticed by the Cecille Label!

Link to the full track and voting button here.

Did you say WAREHOUSE Party

We are proud to bring you the – Discoteca Warehouse Party – this Saturday 31st of March from 8pm till 4am!

Featuring some wicked talent in a fantastic warehouse venue, playing underground tunes to an underground vibe… & its BYO! This is not one to miss out on!

We’re nearing capacity therefore our online tickets will only be available for another day… so get in NOW and buy your ticket ($25 + bf).

Exact location will be posted on our facebook site on Saturday morning.

See you at the Discoteca!


We’re BACK!

This coming Sunday we will be ‘officially’ relaunching Sunday Sets and we have a few surprises in store for you!

Sunday Sets is now opening the door to up and coming live musicians!

This means you get your regular dose of Deep, Tech, Nu Disco Groovy House tunes by the Sunday Sets DJs, followed by Jazz Fusion Funk with the Sunday Sets Bands.

Throw in the return of the ping pong table and boardgames along with a new Sunday Menu and Drinks special….Not a bad way to spend Sunday afternoons!

So head down to ‘Name This Bar’ at our new start time of 4pm to enjoy something unique and fun in Sydney!

The WINNER is…

WHAT AN INCREDIBLE FINISH! Truly an amazing performance from all three contestants who showed some serious talent up on the decks! Regardless of the result, congratulations goes to all three of you for putting on one hell of a show for the capacity crowd that turned out for the final!

A huge thank you to Name This Bar for their support of the competition and Sunday Sets in general! Further thank you to our major sponsor Lightsounds for the equipment, lights & contestant prizes as well as ASM Liquor for all the crowd prizes. A special thank you to Julian, Daniel, Ags and the man him self Warwick Capper for guest judging. Finally an acknowledgement of the HarmoniX Promotions Crew who put in a monster effort behind the scenes to make the competition happen, including opening set at the final by Eugene D and the closing set by Rabbit Taxi.

So without further a du…

The Winner of the Sunday Sets DJ Competition is Shalyn.

Bex Meli took out 2nd place and Chris Valanidas claimed 3rd!

Be sure to come see Shalyn and Bex again when they play their winning sets at the Discoteca Warehouse Party somewhere in St Peters on Saturday the 31st of March (tickets can be bought online at moshtix –

We will catch you all next Sunday for more madness when we come back with something possibly even more exciting than the competition… stay tuned Sunday Setters!  =)

Its FINALLY here!

What a epic night of music! All Semi-Finalists were brilliant up there and each of them could have easily taken centre stage on a Friday or Saturday night!

6 fantastic sets and one hell of a tough job to pick only 3 to go onto the final – once again a special thanks to our three guest industry judges; Daniel, Julian, and Jamey who took to the challenge and made the tough call in the end!

Another thank you to our main sponsor Lightsounds who rewarded each Semi-Finalist with a Mini ML10G Laser worth $130! (we are definitely buying one of these ourselves after seeing it in action the last few weeks!!!)

So 32 contestants have come down to just 3 this Sunday –

Bex Meli
Chris Valanidas

…and we are super excited to see what they will do with an hour set each!

So take the Monday off work, gather all your friends and family, bring your dancing shoes and show your support for the finalists of the Sunday Sets DJ Competition at Name This Bar from 6pm this coming Sunday!

The End of the Beginning and the Beginning of the End

The heats ended with a bang thats for sure! It had it all… random street dancing, a dubstep fairytale, epic trance anthems, mega mashups, MIA contestants, and a cool new laser!

We could not be happier with how the competition has progressed so far! There is definitely a wealth of undiscovered talent in Sydney and we have been lucky to get a glimpse of it!

With the last heat comes both the winner of it and the ‘wild card’ chosen out of all the heats who both go to the semi final… so firstly, congratulations goes to the mash-up man ‘DJ Simon’ for winning HEAT 5!

Now comes the ‘wild card’ entry, who not only impressed the judges with his skill during a very tough heat, but who also turned up to support other contestants during the other heats… and that is what Sunday Sets is all about! So congratulations to ‘Chris Valanidas’ for making it as the 6th and last contestant to enter into the semi-final!

With all of that out of the way… The question is how big will the Semi-final this Sunday at Name This Bar be!!?!! With the Lightsounds sound system tweaked to perfection over the heat nights and special guest judges taking the reins from us (so we can get down on the dance floor!)… this Sunday’s semi-finalists are going to have to bring everything they have to secure a spot in the final!!! Which 3 will go on????! We can’t wait to find out!!!

The Official Semi-Final Lineup (starting from 6:30pm with set times to be announced on the night):

Owen Rodgers
DJ Bex Meli
DJ Simon
Chris Valanidas

The Artist’s Choice

Well the sky opened up on Sunday and so did the talent! Another fantastic showcase of what local DJs in Sydney have to offer! We couldn’t have been more excited to see what each of the contestants were going to do next! There was original music, unique remixes, fresh tracks, tonnes of external equipment and some very technically complex mixing! This was the artist’s choice of heats… and a very tough one to judge… yet again!

But alas only one can move onto the semi-final so congratulations goes to ‘Bex Meli’ for winning HEAT FOUR!

The last round, HEAT FIVE is sure to be a sizzler! Who will be the 5th contestant to go to the semi-final?!… and who might be the 6th ‘wild card’ entry from all the heats to also make it into the semi-final!????

Well get down to Name This Bar and support your favourite this Sunday while they mix it up and battle it out on that crazy Lightsounds system for the final spot!


Incredible! We were completely blown away by the originality, creativity, & professionalism of the DJs in Heat 3! Best of all, the contestants looked like they were having a blast up in the booth playing to that MASSIVE crowd who came out to party! Even a few industry people there on the night took notice and commented on the talent in the room… and rightly so!!!

As you might have guessed, this one went down to the wire… the very last piece of it! …but alas only one can move onto the semi-final so congratulations goes to ‘Shalyn’ for congo’ing her way to winning HEAT THREE!

With only two more heats left, HEAT FOUR is going to be a wild Sunday with that insane sound system (thank you Lightsounds!!!!). So get your best dancing thongs on and get down to Name This Bar to show your support of local talent battling it out for a spot in the Semi-final!

Hotter than a HEAT-wave!

Heat Two turned out to be the closest Heat YET! Some really creative sets in a number of different styles were smashed out for the capacity crowd that turned out to support the contestants. We said heat one was tough to judge… well heat two was bloody tougher!!!

Alas only one can move onto the semi-final…. so congratulations goes to the dancing DJ… “Owen Rodgers” for winning HEAT TWO!

HEAT THREE is next and I’m sure if you have been following the action so far you can be confident that things are just going to get hotter for this next heat! So get down to Name This Bar, enjoy the amazing sound system courtesy of Lightsounds and show your support for local talent this Sunday!

The HEAT is ON!

WOW! Heat one was a tough one to judge! All the contestants were standouts in their own right with well thought out mixes. Some even included personal edits and original work! Very impressive indeed and they’ve all set the bar high for Heat two! Alas only one can move onto the semi-final…. so congratulations goes to ‘funlife’ for winning HEAT ONE!

HEAT TWO is looking to be massive with 7 contestants to battle it out this Sunday for the 2nd spot in the semi-final! Make sure you get down to ‘Name This Bar’ and show your support!